General Information

About Acklins

Think back to when the most important thing on your agenda was to throw your line over board and wait for a bite while exploring a 1,000 mile lagoon. Or when since did discovering rock formations make your top 10 to-do list? Not any time lately? Well, get off your chartered course and enjoy one of the Bahamas’ least known but hugely enjoyable destinations. Shhhh… it’s your little secret.

Acklins and its neighbour Crooked Island hug a lagoon called the Bight of Acklins, world-famous for its bonefish flats. The island and its cays are ideal for serious scuba divers, snorkelers, and boating enthusiasts. Nature lovers flock to its rugged terrain and exotic plant and animal life. Neighbouring cays host iguanas and flamingos — a must see!

Just one hour flight directly from Nassau via Bahamasair or Pineapple Air to Crooked Island and Acklins or a short ferry ride from either destination to the other. Here you’ll find a coastline scattered with hidden coves and beautiful beaches with a number of small, colorful villages. At the southern tip of the Bahamas’ archipelago, this narrow, hilly island is 92 miles long with caves and bays sprinkling its western shore. Acklins has many interestingly named settlements including the capital Snug Corner along with Rocky Point, Binnacle Hill, Salina Point, Delectable Bay, Golden Grove, Goodwill, Hard Hill, and Lovely Bay.

Hear that? That’s the sound of tranquility. With birds chirping and waves scooting the shore, Acklins offers a serene environment where the people are on “island time,” and it really doesn’t matter. After all, time stands still on Acklins.


By Air

Acklins Airport: (242) 344-3169
1 hr. flight to Crooked Island every Wednesday & Saturday

Pineapple Air
Acklins: (242) 432-2024
1 hr & 10 mins to Acklins every Monday & Friday

By Boat

Mail Boat Service
M/V KCT or Dianais
Takes freight on Mondays & Tuesdays from Nassau and arrives in Acklins on Wednesdays or Thursdays.

Taxi Service

Deleveaux Runabouts: (242) 476-0116

Important Contact Information

Area Code 242
Long Distance Operator 0
Directory Assistance 916
Bahamas Telecommunications Company (BTC)
Acklins (SP) (242) 344-3536
Crooked Island (242) 344-2590
Long Cay (242) 344-3021
Administrative Offices
Acklins (242) 344-3250
Crooked Island (242) 344-2599
Police Department
Acklins (242) 344-3666
Crooked Island (242) 344-2599
Bahamas Customs
Acklins (242) 344-0000
Crooked Island (242) 344-0000
Bahamas Electrical Company (BEC)
Acklins (242) 344-3182
Crooked Island (242) 344-3040
National Insurance
Acklins (SP) (242) 344-3140
Crooked Island (242) 344-2149
Water & Sewerage
Acklins (242) 344-0000
Crooked Island (242) 344-0000
Acklins (242) 344-0000
Spring Point (242) 344-3172
Mason Bay (242) 344-3539
Crooked Island (242) 344-0000
Post Office
Acklins (MB) (242) 344-3250
Crooked Island (CoH) (242) 344-2536

**Please note: There are no banks on either island so you need to bring CASH or CREDIT CARD