Welcome to Cat Island

Welcome to Cat Island, a land of beauty and mystique within The Islands of The Bahamas. Cat Island is known as an oasis of culture. Its settlements are rich with storytellers, dancers, and musicians who have a passion for our native rhythms and rhyme. This island is also a bastion of Bahamian cuisine, where you will be treated to delicacies freshly collected from the land and sea, and prepared in a unique fashion.

The roads of this island are lined with historic places of interest, including the ruins of plantation-era buildings. Just as satisfying are the many lovely beaches to which those roads also lead. Atop Como Hill sits a remarkable work of architecture called The Hermitage. On the hill, the nation’s highest elevation, you will find breathtaking architecture and a magnificent view of the island. The sights and sounds of Cat Island are sure to please, and a special place will always be reserved for you on this island of music and myth.

Map of Cat Island

Cat Island, Bahamas