Welcome to Eleuthera

Although the Bahamas is a chain of 700 islands in the sun, each one exhibits its own distinct personality. Eleuthera is no exception. Eleuthera - the noble island known as “The Land of Freedom” - offers a life of simplicity… no stress, no strain, no struggle… no problem! Kind and hospitable Eleutherians are a synthesis of various peoples and cultural dialects resulting from a unique blend of American, European, and Caribbean essence. We are outgoing, friendly, and very warm and inviting to our guests.

Even the land itself calls visitors to relax, release, and be rejuvenated. Here, pink and white powder beaches stretch along our shores, waiting to be enjoyed. Balmy breezes blow gently and the wind seems to whisper each listener’s name. For the blessed visitors reaching the Eleuthera mainland, Harbour Island, or Spanish Wells, the natural landscape and the natural charm of our people will not disappoint. And at the end of your stay, you will know that you are always welcome in this land of beauty and leisure.

Map of Eleuthera

Eleuthera, Bahamas