Welcome to Harbour Island

The Islands of the Bahamas, already seen as one of the top vacation destinations in the Caribbean, displays 100,000 square miles of beauty and warmth for all that wish to come and experience it. 700 islands and cays (pronounced – keys) surrounded by over 500 miles of turquoise, crystal clear water makes for a place that even fairy tales come to for vacation.

Of these 700 islands and cays there is one that stands out…stands out enough to be ranked the best island in the Caribbean by Travel & Leisure Magazine in 2005. This island is none other than Harbour Island, and still lives up to its 2005 ranking whether its mentioned or not. Filled with friendly and welcoming inhabitants this little giant (3.5 miles long by 1.5 miles wide) is located very near to Miami (approx. 200 miles), New Providence (approx. 60 miles) and Eleuthera (approx. 2 miles), which makes it an ideal yacht haven.

Harbour Island along with its magical beauty holds precious history, as Dunmore Town, the only town on Harbour Island, is one of the oldest settlements in The Bahamas. Once the capital of The Bahamas and the second largest city in The Bahamas to Nassau in the 1990’s, Harbour Island was founded before the United States was even a nation.

“Briland” as it is affectionately known was shaped by the hands of the Loyalist Governor of Virginia, The Honorable John Murry (1786-1797). He fled to The Bahamas after being awarded the title of Lord Dunmore, Governor of The Bahamas and laid out at the center of Harbour Island which was then and is still known as Dunmore Town.

The newly laid Dunmore Town gave shape to the town you see today and remnants of its past still linger on to this day. During the 1800’s Dunmore Town became a noted shipyard and sugar refinement center and Harbour Island on the whole was known for its shipbuilding, farming of pineapples, tomatoes and citrus, making it fairly prosperous until World War I brought world wide depression.

Today the residents of Harbour Island make their living from their rich tourist industry, and still thrive off of some farming, fishing and shipbuilding. A visit to Harbour Island will give one a glimpse of yesteryear as the quaint New England’s architecture of the island’s Loyalist history dots its way through a picture perfect landscape and pink sandy beaches to match the most beautiful, crystal clear, turquoise waters in the world.

“Briland”, the Best of the Best will greet you with open arms, first class resorts, and warm hospitality that will leave you with memories for a lifetime!

Map of Harbour Island

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