Welcome to Exuma

Great Exuma is home of iconic events such as the National Family Island Regatta and the Bahamian Music and Heritage Festival. You are sure to fall in love with our island as you tour our quaint settlements and historic sites like old slave plantations, Loyalist tombs, the salt beacon, and our first jail house. In addition, no trip to Exuma is complete without exploring our pristine beaches and coves of the mainland as well as our 365 cays.

As you become acquainted with Exuma, this guide will assist you in navigating the many options that the destination has to offer. Also, the choices available on the island are meeting every possible taste and preference. We are certain that much of what we have to offer will suit your particular liking.

Exuma is also a place that is blessed with tranquility for those who need total rest and relaxation. Peaceful, secluded expanses of beaches are abundant. Moreover, their rolling waves are soothing and their cool breezes are medicinal.

By far, however, our greatest natural resource is our people. Bahamians are known for being the warmest and most hospitable people in the world. Exumians, you will find, have a special brand of hospitality that is not easily matched. Without a doubt, they will add a special element of enjoyment to your stay.

We wish you a wonderful visit with us in Exuma, and we look forward to having you here again in the near future.

Map of Exuma

Exuma, Bahamas