General Information

About Exuma

A 90 minute flight from Florida heading South East will take you to another world that is so timeless and pristine, you will forget about everything back home. Exuma is one part of the Bahamas that is described wonderfully in articles, websites and magazines but to get the experience of a lifetime; you have to come here. Many years have passed, yet so much of its natural resources and untouched treasures still remain and you are greeted by some of the friendliest people in the world. Go into its alluring communities and you will find the most charming accommodations provided by places like Hartwell Cottages, Minns Cottages and Master Harbour Villas. Sincerity holds sway here because everyone is so genuine, even in the little shops and businesses, restaurants and grocery stores. Yes Exuma is extremely beautiful but its people are even more and are its best attractions. The Bahamas is a country like no other and the out islands; especially Exuma proves that fact again and again.


By Air

American Eagle
MT: (242) 345-0124 or (242) 345-0125

MT: (242) 345-0035

Gulfstream International Airlines
(Continental Connection) - (242) 345-0280

Sky Bahamas
MT: (242) 345-0172

Watermakers Air
(954) 771-0330

Delta Airlines
(operated by American Eagle) - 345-0124

Island Air Charter
(800) 444-9904

Bus/Taxi Services

Exuma Bus Service (242) 554-3227
Taxi #63 (Patricia Wring) (242) 524-6168
Taxi #51 (Alston Rolle) (242) 554-3606

Car/Scooter Rentals

Airport Car Rental MT (242) 345-0090
Don’s Rent A Car MT (242) 345-0112
Exuma Transport GT (242) 336-2101
Thompsons Rental GT (242) 336-2442
Sure to Shore GT (242) 336-3466
Prestige Scooter Rentals GT (242) 357-0066
Balfour Bros GT (242) 524-0832

Important Information

Entry Requirements Airlines

Each visitor must fill out a Bahamian Immigration form and retain the detachable portion for departure. Customs declarations are oral. See Bahamas Customs this section.

Departures to US must go through US Customs pre-clearance.

Exuma Tourist Office

Director: Ms. P Hanna
Exuma Tourist Office Tel: (242) 336-2430
The Exuma Tourist Office is a tourist information center. If you have any queries or comments, please come visit our office. Our friendly and helpful staff is waiting to assist you.


Bank Hours
Banks are open Monday-Thursday
Fridays 9:30a.m.-4:30p.m.

ATM Machines
Visitors to Exuma can get cash 24 hours a day. ATM’s Operated by RBC Royal Bank of Canada, Scotiabank (Bah) Ltd and Bank of the Bahamas in George Town provide convenient banking services 24 hours a day.

Scotiabank Bahamas Limited
GT (242) 336-2651/2
EB (242) 336-4651
Royal Bank of Canada
GT (242) 336-3251/2
First Caribbean Bank
GT (242) 336-3000


The Ministry of Health operates the Government Clinic in George Town. In cases where emergencies or more medical services are needed patients are flown to Princess Margaret Hospital or Doctors Hospital in Nassau.

Church Services

The Bahamas prides itself on its religious and spiritual traditions and Exuma is no exception. Feel free to worship with a congregation of your choice.

Tourist Office

Governor’s Harbour (242) 332-2142
Harbour Island (242) 333-2621

Private Medical Services

Exuma Dental Services (242) 358-4584
Island Med (242) 336-2220
Peach House Vet (242) 336-3006
MASA (Air Ambulance) (242) 393-5048
GT Clinic (242) 366-2088
S Clinic (242) 358-0053

Emergency Numbers

Directory Assistance 916
Weather 915
Time 917
Fire/Police 919