Welcome to Long Island

The Bahamas is known for its serene ambiance, pristine beaches, and friendly but industrious people, and one of our islands that truly boasts of that, is Long Island. Welcome to a destination that is a Bahamian treasure all its own. No doubt Long Island has an abundance of natural beauty but it is also rich in culture and history. Born on Long Island, Sir Henry Milton Taylor, one of the founding fathers of Bahamian politics and former Governor General, became an activist for the social and civil freedoms that have a huge impact on Bahamians living today. Also, Long Island caves give researchers from the Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science a place to study bat species of long ago, dating back to the Pleistocene era in their migrations here.

But no visit to this cherished hide-away is complete without stopping at the famous Dean’s Blue Hole located in Clarence Town. It is the world’s deepest and most incredible blue hole and a must see on any visitor’s list. But guests love how it’s so easy to get to this Dreamland - it’s no hassle at all. Whether by boat or plane, it’s one of the most accessible islands we have. Also with its modern communications and infrastructure, living accommodations such as cottages, villas, resorts, and marinas are supplied at your whim. And if it’s the best island cuisine you seek, then the best restaurants are ready to give you a true dining experience. Don’t miss out - come to Long Island yourself!

Map of Long Island

Long Island, Bahamas