General Information


By Air

Bahamasair Deadman's Cay (242) 337-0877
Bahamasair Stella Marris (242) 338-2015
Pineapple Air Deadman's Cay (242) 432-2024
Pineapple Air Stella Marris (242) 464-8093
Southern Air Deadman's Cay (242) 337-1722
Southern Air Stella Marris (242) 338-2095
Stella Marris Charter Flight (242) 338-2050/3
Island Wings (242) 338-0360
Island Wings (242) 472-8888
Island Connection (242) 472-8168


Taxi Operators - VHF Ch16
Veronica Knowles Taxi #2 (242) 338-8842
Jerry Knowles Taxi #4 (242) 338-8592
Scoffield Miller Taxi #5 (242) 338-8970
Shervin “Smithy’s” Taxi #10 (242) 357-1408
Omar Daley Taxi #11 (242) 357-1043
Leonard Darville Taxi #6 (242) 472-0024
Devitt’s Taxi Taxi #2 (242) 472-2714

Entry Requirements


Each visitor must fill out a Bahamian Immigration form and retain the detachable portion for departure. Customs declarations are oral. See Bahamas Customs this section.

Departures to US must go through US Customs pre-clearance.


A fee of $150 is payable for entry for boats 30 feet in length and under and $300 for boats 300 feet and over. This fee is valid for two entries during a 90-day period. This includes government taxes and fishing permits for four (4) persons. Each additional person is charged $15. Upon arrival at the port of entry, visitors must clear Customs and Immigration. The flying of a yellow quarantine flag will notify Customs of your arrival. Until the vessel is cleared, no one except the captain is allowed to leave the boat.

All passengers must have proof of citizenship and fill out an immigration card. If you have a firearm on board, this must be declared to Customs along with serial number, manufacturer and exact count of ammunition. The firearm cannot be taken ashore unless permission is obtained from the Bahamian police before hand.

Banks / ATMs

Scotiabank Bahamas Limited (242) 337-1029
Scotiabank Bahamas Limited (242) 338-2057
Royal Bank of Canada (242) 337-0100

ATM Machines
Visitors to Long Island can get cash 24 hours a day. ATM’s Operated by Royal Bank of Canada and Scotiabank (Bah) Ltd that provide convenient banking services 24 hours a day.

Tourist Office

Salt Pond, Long Island.
(entrance to the Government Dock)
Phone: (242) 338-8668
Fax: (242) 338-8669

Medical Services

The Ministry of Health operates clinics in Deadman’s Cay, Clarence Town, Roses, Mangrove Bush and Simms. In cases where emergencies or more medical services are needed patients are flown to Princess Margaret Hospital or Doctors Hospital in Nassau.

Government Clinic

Clarence Town (242) 337-3333
Roses (242) 337-1100
Deadman’s Cay (242) 337-1222
Simms (242) 338-8488

Visitor Services

Chamber of Commerce (242) 337-1262
People-to-People (242) 338-8668