Advertise720x95Andros island, the largest of the 26 inhabited Bahamian islands, is geo-politically considered a single island with a land mass greater than all of the other 700 Bahamian islands combined. The geological make-up of Andros sets it apart from any other place in the world. It is an archipelago within an archipelago nation, dissected by hundreds of creeks and waterways surrounded by hundreds of square miles of fishable flats that are home to permit tarpon and bonefish.

Inland are numerous blue holes surrounded by thousands of acres of virgin forests, teeming with exotic flora, fauna, and wildlife. Here you will find hundreds of species of birds such as the West Indian Woodpecker, the Bahama Mockingbird, and the Red-legged Thrush, just to name a few. Home of the famous land crabs, the annual harvest season culminates with a grand Crab Festival that lures hundreds of visitors to her shores year after year.

For the scuba diver enthusiast interested in seeing the last of the pristine tropical Atlantic reef, Andros is known for its spectacular pristine eco-systems and breathtaking wall dives into the tongue of the ocean.The rich cultural heritage of its people, ranging from Native American Indian to descendants of freed African slaves, provides the visitors with the opportunity of a rich cultural exchange. The locals refer to Andros as the “Big Yard” – a grand pristine garden where one can escape the pressures of life and experience true adventures of fun in the sun. Whether it is bone fishing, diving, bird watching, or an eco-adventure tour, you are bound to find an activity that suits your purpose. I join all Androsians in welcoming you to explore the magnificent wonders that Andros has to offer.

General Information
Andros is a naturalist’s wonderland, many thanks to its deserted beaches, Blue Holes, Pine Forest, Mangrove Marsh, and rich coppice home of the many species of Orchids that grow wild in its pristine environment. While in Andros, be sure to visit and explore them all to discover the real Andros! Andros is the largest island in The Bahamas archipelago and the fifth largest land mass in the Caribbean. Andros is divided into four (4) major administrative districts:

North Andros (NA)
Nicholls Town is the administration settlement. Other settlements are Conch Sound, Lowe Sound, Mastic Point, Morgan’s Bluff, Red Bays, San Andros, and Stafford Creek.

Central Andros (CA)
You’ll find Fresh Creek in the centre of Central Andros.  Other settlements there are Blanket Sound, Staniard Creek, Love Hill, Small Hope Bay, Calabash Bay, Andros Town, Bowen Sound, Man-O-War Sound, Cargill Creek, and Fresh Creek

Mangrove Cay (MC)
Mangrove Cay is often described as an island within an island. Moxey town is the administrative center. Other settlements include Little Harbour, Burnt Rock, Pinders, Swains, Dorsette, Peats, Grants, Victoria Point, and Lisbon Creek.

South Andros (SA)
Kemps Bay is the administrative centre for most southern settlements in South Andros. Settlements here are Driggs Hill, Congo Town, High Rock, The Bluff, Long Bay, Smith’s HIll, Deep Creek, Little Creek, and Mars Bay.

Androsians are steeped in Afro-centric traditions and lifestyles that are tied to the land and sea. Activities such as singing, dancing, storytelling, basket weaving, and boat building are features which characterize the order of the day, in addition to a seasonal ritual called “Rushin”. Other popular events in the area include sloop/regattas, fish fry, homecomings, crabbing, and themed festivals. Visitors can stay at a wide range of accommodation facilities from exclusive private island resorts, ocean view dive specialty lodges, creek-style fly-fishing cottages, to family oriented guest houses.

For more information view the Andros Visitors Guide