San Salvador

San Salvador Visitors Guide 2016-2017 issue


San Salvador, one of the easternmost islands of The Bahamas archipelago, is the exposed peak of a submerged mountain that reaches 15,000 feet to the ocean floor. The island is 12 miles long and 5 miles wide. The island has miles of pristine and secluded beaches, and an emerald -blue sea of such sparkling clarity that divers have visibility of up to 150feet. Challenging reefs and wreck diving ca be enjoyed at High Cay, Low Cay and Middle Cay. Sparkling lakes cover the interior of the island and relics of Loyalist days abound. The pace of life here has changed little over the centuries and today San Salvador is still the ultimate escape.

History: Christopher Columbus is said to have made his first landfall on San Salvador during his historic voyage to the New World. Four separate monuments mark the exact spot where he came ashore on the 12th October, 1492. However, it is generally held that he landed at Long Bay, where a big stone cross now stands.

How to Get Here
Bahamas Air the National Aircraft of the Bahamas has 2 flights per week.
Cost is $240 adult round trip

What to know before you go!
Here are some important numbers

BY AIR – Domestic
Bahamasair – Florida (800) 222-4262 Nassau (242) 377-5505 – San Salvador 331-2920

BY AIR – International
Air Canada Direct Montreal to San Salvador
XL Airways Direct Paris to San Salvador
American Airlines Direct Miami to San Salvador


M/V Lady Francis Tel (242) 331-2125 (242) 331-2651
Service to Cockburn Town, San Salvador & Rum Cay Departs Nassau: Tuesday Time of Departure: 6 p.m. Day / Time of Return: Friday Frequency: Once a week Sailing Time: 12 hours Fare: $40.00

Fernander Tours 427-8198
Nat Walker’s Island Adventures 331-2111

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